10 Top Ways to Not Be Boring in a Relationship

Everybody loves the excitement of the first few dates. When online dating has progressed to actual meets, the start of a relationship is an exciting time. Lust and love often collide at the same time. You can’t eat or sleep. You can’t think straight, and the only person on your mind is your lover about is your new partner. Unfortunately, the honeymoon period is sometimes short-lived:

  • What happens when the magic starts to fade?
  • How do you maintain the excitement?
  • How do you stop yourself from becoming boring in a relationship?
10 Top Ways to Not Be Boring in a Relationship

Don’t talk more than you listen

Don’t talk more than you listen

The early stages of dating are very much the ‘getting to know each other’ stage. People tend to be on their best behavior – or try to be at least. It’s only natural that you would want to put your best side across. However, even in the early days of dating, you can give yourself away too. One unwelcome trait is a person who seems more interested in themselves than they are other people. This is why, if you want to stop yourself from becoming boring, you need to listen more than you talk. It’s not a good look.

Don’t Say Nothing at All

When dating you mustn’t just talk about yourself. However, you must talk! If you are quiet and never start the conversation and never seem to have anything very interesting to say, you will become boring pretty quickly.

Don’t Moan and Complain All the Time

Everybody has good days and bad days. Anybody who is dating understands this. However, if it becomes apparent that you are always complaining or moaning about something or other, it gives off a negative vibe. People who are dating don’t want to spend time with others who bring them down with their negativity. It’s boring.

Don’t Always Do the Same Things

Most people are creatures of habit to a certain extent. Routines are necessary and useful sometimes. However, when you are dating, it is important to keep things interesting. Mix things up from time to time. Let yourself go and be spontaneous!

Don’t Be Full of Self-Doubt

A little bit of self-doubt can be endearing to the partner you are dating. It shows humility. But somebody full of insecurities can come across as being very needy. That can get pretty boring for the other person very quickly.

Don’t Try and Change Your Partner

We all have to bend and adapt a little when we are dating, but it gets very boring if you are always trying to change your partner. You need to let your partner be.

Don’t Turn Down Your Partner’s Suggestions

When dating it’s all about to give and take. If your partner begins to notice that you always turn down their ideas and suggestions for things to do, it not only becomes boring, it becomes a real turn-off too.

Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously

When you are dating, there’s a time and a place for laughter and a time and a place to be serious. But being serious all the time and talking yourself to seriously are not attractive traits. When you show the ability to laugh at yourself, your partner will laugh with you.

Don’t Get Drunk Too Often

Most people like a drink or to let themselves go once in a while and have a party. There’s absolutely nothing with that. However, when it becomes too much, and it seems to be happening all the time, it can be a warning sign to others that there is a problem. If you get drunk too often, you may need to drink or enjoy drinking more than the actual company of your partner. This is never going to go down well.

Don’t Talk Politics or Religion

In conversation, very few things should be off-limits if you want the relationship to work. However, there’s a good reason people often say you should never talk about politics and religion, especially in others' company. It can come across as antagonistic because the subjects are so polarising. It’s not what daters want – men or women.