10 Movies About Online Dating Perfect for Your Next Date

Everybody tried online dating at least once; that’s why it’s so easy to relate to movies about it. Active deters, singles, and couples enjoy watching those movies. We’ll show you the list of 10 movies about online dating; think about organizing a movie night for your next date. It’ll be even more fun if you’ve met your partner online.

10 Movies About Online Dating Perfect for Your Next Date

He's Just Not That Into You

If you want to have a good laugh and learn something about dating rules, He's Just Not That Into You is a great movie for you. Gorgeous and famous actors will attract you to watch the movie even if you don’t need any help reading human behavior. This movie might teach you a lot about dating online and offline.

You've Got Mail

Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan are the main actors in arguably the most famous movie about online dating. “You’ve Got Mail” will show you how online dating used to look in the past. Also, you’ll realize that only technology has changed since then. People stayed the same, we still have the same issues, so “You’ve Got Mail” is also a good movie for everybody learning about dating.

Burn After Reading

If you’re looking for a movie that will make you laugh so hard, popcorns will fly around like snowflakes, “Burn After Reading” is the best choice. It’s perfect for a date because it’s related to online data, but that’s not the plot's focus. We won’t spoil anything, we’ll say that women love this movie because of George Cloney and Brad Pitt.

Hard Candy

Most movies on this list will make you laugh and present dating platforms as something positive. “Hard Candy” isn’t like that; you won’t laugh at it, you won’t get a desire to meet anybody on an app, you’ll start questioning everything. But, remember, that's just a movie. You shouldn’t give up on your chances to meet people online because of it.

Must Love Dogs

“Must Love Dogs” is the kind of movie you watch on Sunday after lunch while laying on the couch with your partner. Simple, funny, and adorable, this movie will make you laugh for sure. If your partner is a fellow online dater, you’ll relate to a lot of scenes from “Must Love Dogs”.

Perfect Stranger

Perfect Stranger

Another not-so-bright movie related to online dating is “Perfect Stranger”. Interesting plot and famous cast guarantee you’ll sit on the edge of your seat. It might seem not very careful, to choose a thriller like this for a date night, but both of you are adults, and you’re aware of the world we live in. One thing is certain; if you watch this movie with your partner, your relationship will be stronger after it because you’ll decide to be 100% honest with each other.


“Gayby” isn’t focused on online dating platforms, but you’ll have a lot of fun watching it. The classical situational comedy is based on two friends who are “obligated” to have a child, although one of them is openly gay. A lot more happens there, but we won’t spoil the plot because that would ruin your next date.

The Russian Bride

Sometimes people joke that it’s easy to find brides in Russia and Eastern Europe. Those people usually describe brides as gold diggers, but “The Russian Bride” shows a bit of a different picture. Girl meets a rich man online and accepts his invitation to come to the USA. She expects a fairy tale, but not the dark one she gets.

Eating Out: All You Can Eat

“Eating Out: All You Can Eat” is another comedy on this list focused on gay dating. After two boys meet online, they try to arrange the meeting in person. Sadly, one of them used the photo from a sexy stripper, so it’s hard to fulfill the expectations. That’s just the beginning, but you can learn something from it - don’t lie online.

Julia X

What would you do if somebody you meet online marks you with the letter “X” on your first date? Don’t even answer, be smart and avoid dates like that, but just for fun (and chills) watch “Julia X”. You get where the “X” in her name comes from. Now you have to see who she is.

Now you have the list of 10 movies related to online platforms for meeting people. Most of them are bright and fun, but some might scare you, so make sure you watch them in good company.