7 Types of Guys to Avoid Online Dating

As the saying goes ‘love is blind’. When we are in love, we often see things differently or don’t think straight. However, it’s really important to keep your head screwed on and think with your head and heart. When you are online dating, you need to avoid certain types of guys. While it’s true that you can never truly judge a book by its cover, it’s also true that the warning signs are there right from the off when it comes to online dating. Here’s what you should be looking out for…

7 Types of Guys to Avoid Online Dating

The Guy Who Doesn’t Want to Settle Down

The Guy Who Doesn’t Want to Settle Down

When you are online dating, you’ll come across apps and platforms that are tailored very much for casual meets and hookups and others aimed at those looking forlong-term relationships. If you come across somebody who says he is looking to settle down and is only online for the sex, he does mean it. If you are looking for something more serious, you should walk away. You won’t change him.

The Guy Who Asks to Borrow Money

When you are dating online, you need to avoid scammers. One of the obvious ones is the guy who builds your trust and does his best to make you fall head over heels with him. He will manipulate you and then start to ask for money. The reason he gives you for needing the money might seem completely plausible. But the moment that money is mentioned stop the chat immediately. If you need money, that’s what friends and family are for. Not you. Ever.

The Guy Who Falls in Love at First Sight

Let’s get something straight here. Nobody – and we mean NOBODY – ever falls in love by seeing a picture or a profile on an online dating site. Women might be flattered if somebody proclaims their undying love on the strength of a couple of chat messages online. There is no rush. A guy that shows so much intensity is bad news.

The Guy Who Gets Angry Quickly

Okay, so we all react differently. We all expect how long should be left between messages or online contact. You might have a different view of that to the next person, and that’s fine. However, when you come across a guy who seems to get angry quickly and demands a quicker response or suggests you meet straight away, you should steer clear. This type of behavior could be a sign that the guy is a bit of a control freak. It’s also a sign that the guy could be very needy or the jealous type. All these personality traits should get the alarm bells ringing. The guy who gets angry quickly could end up being a ticking time bomb that could blow up at any time in the future. Make sure you are not around when it does.

The Guy Who Makes Out He’s a Player

Some guys like to see themselves as a bit of a playboy. They are fairly easy to spot. Generally speaking, these types of guys are incredibly self-confident – but not in a good way. These are cocky and arrogant people who think they are God’s gift to women. What’s more, they’ll never miss an opportunity to let people know this fact. You’ll see stacks of photos on his dating profile showing him with the ladies. If you see this, you can rest assured that you can smell a rat.

The Guy Who Is a Total Mystery

Women sometimes feel that a man of mystery is attractive:

  • It makes a man seem interesting
  • Women find it intriguing
  • They like the suspense

All of this is true, but if the guy you are chatting to online is a complete mystery, it is often a sign that he is deliberately trying to hide something. It might be that the guy is married or has a partner. Using dating sites might be this person’s way to live a secret life.

There’s a big difference between wanting to remain discreet and deliberately hiding information from others. Of course, many people on dating sites won’t have a problem having an affair. For other people, however, the air of mystery is not an endearing quality; it’s a genuine red flag.