Do You Even Stand a Chance? (Success Rates of Online Dating)

Online dating offers a lot, but you have to be aware of its downsides too. Then, according to statistics, you have a chance to find what you’re looking for. But first, let’s see the benefits of online dating.

Do You Even Stand a Chance?

What Does Online Dating Provide?

What Does Online Dating Provide?

Before we reveal dating platforms' statistics, we’ll point out some benefits you can get from it.

  • You can meet people far away from you - there are no borders or restrictions online, international platforms connect you with adults worldwide.
  • You can meet daters with similar interests on specialized sites - you have to share an interest with your partner if you want your relationship to work. Detailed profiles and advanced matchmaking algorithms help you choose the best among your potential partners.
  • You can seek both casual and serious relationships - there are platforms for love and platforms where adults come to have fun (if you know what we mean by fun)
  • You can get dates on the go thanks to apps and mobile versions - most daters use an app or mobile version of their favorite platform(s)
  • Introverts have much better chances on online platforms than in person - some people aren’t talkers, those people thrive online because they can express their thoughts and feelings easier than in person (so other daters can get to know them)
  • It saves time - by chatting with more than 1 person at a time (don’t worry, everybody does that before finding a soulmate) you highly boost your chances for success
  • You can meet people from other cultures and broaden your views - meeting people online is like traveling without leaving your living room, you can learn a lot about different cultures (and maybe travel to meet your potential partners)

The Downsides of Online Dating

Online dating has a lot of benefits, but it has some downsides too. Luckily, all those downsides are avoidable. You have to stay careful while using platforms for adults.

  • You can’t trust everybody (or expect everybody to trust you) - there are “so-called” adults who create fake profiles to fool real daters. Luckily, platforms are investing a lot of time and money in dealing with that problem, so the number of fake profiles is decreasing
  • You’ll have to try more than once - don’t expect to find your soulmate after 14 minutes of browsing profiles and 3 free winks. Online platforms aren’t magical. That’s just one more “place” where you can go to meet people. Still, everybody comes to that place for the same reason, so your chances are better on the internet than in a bar, for example
  • There will be some boring daters - you’ll meet many daters who’ll be your potential matches, but you’ll meet some people that are completely different from you. Sometimes they’ll keep sending you messages after you ask them to stop. 60% of women who use dating platforms complained that 57% of women received unwanted explicit photos. If that happens, block them, and your problem will be solved in an instant
  • You have to keep the right mindset - your mind has to be strong if you want to succeed. You’ll be ignored by people you like, don’t let that bring you down; nothing is wrong with you. You’ll go on dates with daters you meet, but some of them won’t be good. Meeting people online is great; it changed so many lives, but it’s not magic, so your confidence has to be high.

Now when you know the ups and downs online dating brings, let’s see what do numbers say about it:

  • How many people tried online dating? - 49% of people under 30 tried meeting singles online. 30% of adults overall tried it.
  • How many of those people are still online daters? - 40% (most users quit after meeting a new serious partner)
  • What are your chances of getting a date online? - 23% of users have been on a date with somebody they’ve met online
  • Do people get married to somebody they meet online? - Yes, 22% of daters under 30 have been in a serious relationship (or married) with a fellow dater. 12% of all users (regardless of age) get married.
  • Is online dating popular in Australia? - Yes, 35% of people said that’s the best and most popular way to meet adults.

Online dating proved to be an easy way to meet people, but it has some negative sides. All in all, if you’re looking for partners, consider doing it online. Statistics show your chances are very good.

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