eHarmony Review Australia for 2021

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Benefits / Milestones
  • Serious users
  • Fun and very safe
  • Massively popular dating site, particularly in Australia
  • Simple to manage to date
  • Accurate results
  • It costs
  • Sometimes feels overcrowded
  • Dating may take a while
  • Some fake accounts can be found on eHarmony
  • More popular with a younger age group, so not great for mature dating

eHarmony Users

If you’re looking to start dating singles who are Australia-based, the worldwide online dating platform eHarmony is a good place to start, which, although it reached Australia later than the U.S. and Europe, has gained a strong Aussie membership from all over the country!

eHarmony is a dating site for singles serious about their relationships; you are unlikely to come across any eHarmony users who will leave you feeling as though you wasted your time. This is mainly due to the expensive membership fees, which puts off a lot of time wasters.

eHarmony Users

eHarmony Australia Review - Demographics

On eHarmony Australia, you’ll find slightly more female users than male – there is a tight difference, with 53% women and 47% men.

In terms of age range, the site is most popular in Australia and worldwide, amongst those within the age range of 18 and 24. Youth members account for just under a third of total members, with around 18% being made up of 25-34-year-olds, 20% being made up of users aged 35-44, 18% 45-54, and 14% being over the age of 55.

You’ll find mostly Caucasian users on eHarmony Australia, but you can also find other ethnic groups.

How to Register at eHarmony

eHarmony’s sign up section is famous for being long-winding. However, it is worth it in the end as it provides super-accurate search results each time. eHarmony probably requires more information about you than any other dating website, which may initially feel a bit time-consuming. After you fill out your basic details, and before you can review your profile, you need to fill out over 100 questions and a separate survey so that the site can accurately present you with perfect matches. You may find these questions to be personal, but they help the site operate.

How to Register at eHarmony

Create Profile at eHarmony

After having completed all the necessary questionnaires and surveys, you will be able to see your eHarmony Australia account, which will be designed to attract other users to your specific tastes. You’ll be able to upload a display picture as well as some additional pictures to your eHarmony profile. You can alter anything on your profile at any time you are so inclined.

Your profile will contain your name, city, age, height, ethnicity, some sections of the survey you answered when signing up, as well as your smoking and drinking preferences. You can also connect your profile to social media accounts.

Create Profile at eHarmony

How to Find Singles at eHarmony

Based on the questions you filled out, the website will present you with Australia-based matches that the algorithm deems to fit your personal preferences. You’ll likely be matched with people who are within close vicinity to you, but you can change your location preferences at any time. You can match with someone in Brisbane when you’re in Sydney.

Not only that, this site will calculate exactly how compatible each match is and give you a percentage result on each users’ profile. If they have similar preferences, you can expect a higher match percentage – these users would be great for dating!

Create Profile at RSVP

Start Chatting at eHarmony

If you have a free account, you can look at potential matches. However, you cannot chat with them – you first need to get a paid membership to start messaging. This is a good initiative of eHarmony to narrow down the search pool and only allows for users who are serious about dating to chat. Fake accounts and time wasters will most likely not want to spend money on something they won’t take seriously, so you can rest assured that when you do start chatting on eHarmony, it’ll be with someone real, who’s seeking the same things as you.

Plans & Prices
  • Free – this account allows you to set up an account and browse through members but does not allow you to chat.
  • Premium Lite - $41.93 per month – This plan lasts for 6 months
  • Premium Plus - $31.41 per month – This plan lasts for 12 months
  • Premium Extra - $24.28 per month – This plan lasts for 24 months

As you have noticed, the price for each plan is reduced depending on how long you imagine you’ll need to use eHarmony. You can pick a plan, to begin with, and change things further down the line to decide whether you’ll need more time.

RSVP Dating Site Reviews

Alex Smith, 24 Melbourne, Australia

“I originally bought the premium plus package, but it turned out I didn’t need that long to find a match, as eHarmony provides results almost instantly!”

Elliot Dougal, 34 Melbourne, Australia

“The lengthy sign-up process is worth it in the end – do not give up! I’ve used a few dating sites, but none have ever been this concise.”

Erin Brown, 30 Adelaide, Australia

“I’m fussy when it comes to dating, so I took my time with an eHarmony Extra account. It did not disappoint! I’m constantly finding appropriate matches.”

Experts Conclusion

After using this dating site for around 6 months, I realised how vast the potential is. If something doesn’t work out with one of the users you get matched with, it doesn’t matter, as there is literally an unlimited amount of other suitable members for you to choose from. This takes the pressure off a lot, and it never feels like the site is overcrowded – the mass number of users feels like a blessing. Therefore, there is no pressure to be on the website 24/7 – whenever you log on, you can guarantee you’ll find new matches easily.

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3 /5
Can I subscribe to eHarmony’s free trial numerous times?

You can keep the same free account for as long as you like. You can’t talk to matches, though.

How do I like other eHarmony members?

You match with them! You can start talking with a paid account.

Do I get free messages on eHarmony?

With a paid account – unlimited! With a free account – none.


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