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Benefits / Milestones
  • Offers the best security over all other Australian dating sites
  • There is a free account option
  • It’s very easy to block an account
  • It’s easy to cancel at any time
  • Additional features include sex diaries
  • Once you’ve uploaded a photo, you can’t edit it
  • You need to pay for private messages
  • You need to pay to upload multiple photos
  • It’s only available as an app
  • Little chance of finding a serious partner

FBuddy Users

FBuddy is filled with users who see no value in standard dating – they want to get right to the dirty activities that go on in bed! If you’re looking for a partner to start dating and start a serious relationship with, you’re in the wrong place.

FBuddy users love the thrill of one-night stands that maybe turn into a few more dates that consist of pure sex. Although most FBuddy users are single, it’s not always the case, and you’re likely to find users who are in a relationship but want a bit of FBuddy action on the side!

FBuddy Users

FBuddy Demographics

You’ll find all types of FBuddy, from straight men and women to gay, bi, and non-binary users. It’s a great place to go if you’re looking to experiment with the same sex or other, as there are plenty of users online looking to get down to some straight-up FBuddy fun.

Although this website is worldwide, there is a huge demographic of Australian users looking for matches to have online flirts with, start dating, and have some fun in bed with. You’ll also find worldwide users who are keen to chat dirty online with you, which is good if you have a fetish for a particular accent!

How to Register at FBuddy

The FBuddy registration process is straightforward and shouldn’t bother if you’ve set up any online profile before. All you’ve got to provide is your first name, your gender, your pronouns, your date of birth, and e-mail address. From there, you can choose a username and password, and you can get right to the FBuddy dating part!

You can select a few personal preferences at this stage; however, this section is not as long-winding as most other dating sites in Australia and has a less advanced algorithm. But will provide you with a list of potential Fbuddies!

How to Register at FBuddy

Create a Profile at FBuddy

Along with the information gathered during the sign-up process, the website makes dating a lot easier and displays several different things on your profile. It may take a while for the pictures you upload to FBuddy to appear on your page. This is because each picture needs to be first approved by a moderator to provide quality control and keep bots and fake accounts to a minimum.

You can decide to make your profile live so that other users can see it and interact with you. Only other paying members will be able to do so.

Create a Profile at FBuddy

How to find Singles at FBuddy

Although this website offers worldwide search, for the best FBuddy Australia experience, set your profile to just your local region, and watch the number of potential matches grow. You’ll be surprised at how many FBuddy users there are in your area, who are each down to get into bed with you.

There are several different search options you can apply on FBuddy, including:

  • Saved search
  • Customized
  • Random
  • Regional
  • Quick

Which will give you a random selection of new members for you to flirt with. With plenty of advice available on the site, you are sure to find the perfect match with ease.

Start Chatting at FBuddy

See someone you fancy? Want to start dating them, FBuddy style? Once you see a profile you like, you simply have to interact with them. There are several options on this site when it comes to interacting: you could simply send them a direct message, or, if you’re really confident that this user is a good match for you, you can initiate a video call and get right down. To it! You could also send ‘winks’ to the users or ‘like’ some of their photos or other pieces of content that they have uploaded to get their attention and so that you can start flirting!

Plans & Prices

A free membership allows you to set up an account, but not much else. You’ll need to pay for some form of membership to get down to the real nitty-gritty of the site.

Membership prices include:

  • 1 month - $57
  • 3 months - $151
  • 6 months - $235

There is no difference in Australian memberships in terms of rewards they grant, the only difference being the length of time in which you can use your profile to flirt and set updates.

A paid profile allows you to message, video call, upload several photos at once, and read the dating and sex diaries.

FBuddy Dating Site Reviews

Jason Walker, 25 Sydney, Australia

“I’ve got no time for flirting, no time for dating in general, as all I want is sex. Fbudy is the best site I’ve come across to fulfil my urges.”

Scott Erskine, 30 Melbourne, Australia

“I love this site because I don’t have to waste time pretending that I’m interested in a serious relationship – I’m not! This site is all about fun.”

Sarah Scott, 35 Brisbane, Australia

“I don’t talk openly about my sexual desires in real life, but this website gives me a platform to say and ask for exactly what I want.”

Experts Conclusion

Relative to Australia’s other leading dating websites, FBuddy truly stands out as a one of a kind experience for several reasons. Firstly, no other dating website is upfront as FBuddy – you really get what it says on the tin when it comes to it. You’re unlikely to find anything but other people looking for a bit of fun. Secondly, FBuddy is one of the most secure websites out there – not just in terms of dating websites, but social media accounts in general. Each photo you post requires approval is just one way this site combats fake accounts, and it really works.

fbuddy logo
3 /5
Can I keep my free membership running on FBuddy?

You can keep the free membership running indefinitely. However, you need to pay for some of the features.

How do I ‘like’ other FBuddy accounts?

You can go ahead and send them a message! Alternatively, you could send them a video call.

Do I get free messages on FBuddy?

No, you don’t get free messages. You need to pay for a membership to start chatting to other members.


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