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Benefits / Milestones
  • Free registration and free version available
  • Inclusive of all genders and sexual preferences
  • Not just for dating, also for those seeking threesomes
  • Has a social media vibe
  • High security, with photos requiring admin approval
  • It costs to use most messaging features
  • It costs for users to experience the full site
  • Predominantly male users
  • Can be confusing for members to use
  • Can take a while to get post approvals

Redhotpie Users

Like similar sites as Fbuddy, Redhotpie users are all about kinks and unconventional desires. Members of this dating site aren’t necessarily looking for long term dating situations, although some of them are. Most users seek Aussies to flirt with, discuss their kinks with, and get on the fetish dating scene.

Redhotpie users are varied, including many swingers, and you’re likely to find some of the most unusual fetish lovers in Australia while browsing through this site. Members use the site as a safe place to discuss their dirty desires and find partners and arrange hook-ups.

Redhotpie Users

Redhotpie Demographics

Redhotpie is available worldwide but is very popular in Australia, with over 2 million Aussies accounting for its total membership. The biggest takeaway from examining the site’s demographics is that the site is significantly more popular amongst men than women. Male users outnumber female users by around 20% in Australia. This is great if you’re a woman looking for a male partner or if you’re a gay man, but it may not be the best selection for straight men or lesbians, although there is still potential partners for them to find on the site. It is most popular amongst those over the age of 25 and younger than 40.

How to Register at Redhotpie

For new members looking to experience Redhotpie dating, the sign-up process is very easy. If you have a social media account, you are happy to link with the site. Like most social media sign-in sites, this process only takes a few minutes. It only requires you to sign in to your social media account, which Redhotpie can then take information from, such as your name, age, and potentially profile picture. This may not seem like the safest means of signing up for a dating profile, and you may feel uncomfortable with doing so. Otherwise, a manual sign up only takes a few minutes extra.

How to Register at Redhotpie

Create Profile at Redhotpie

Once you’ve registered, there are a few extra steps that need to be completed before you can get on with the dating. There are a few obvious questions that you need to answer, and the answers you provide will show up on your profile for other users to view. This includes your gender and your sexual orientation. You also need to select whether you are setting up the profile for yourself or yourself as part of a swinging couple. You can also describe exactly what you are looking for, right down to age, height, and appearance. Your profile picture needs to be approved by a moderator.

Create a Profile at Redhotpie

How to Find Singles at Redhotpie

There are several ways to search for members: you could search regionally, nationally, based on specific characteristics, or simply search for users in the search bar. Depending on what type of account you pay for, you will likely appear on many other user’s search results, so, sometimes, the messages will come your way without you having to do anything. Users are known to find their inbox overflowing with messages on this site. Luckily, there is a lock feature that allows you to filter the singles that see your profile. This allows you to keep on top of your inbox.

How to find Singles at Redhotpie

Start Chatting at Redhotpie

You can chat, hook up, and start dating other Redhotpie members just as you would on any other dating sites. However, you don’t need to receive approval from other members before you can start chatting with them. You can send a message to any Aussie members that you come across – as long as you’ve got a paid membership, of course.

This app offers both online messenger and text message-based services. If you’re not feeling like messaging just yet, but want to stress interest in a user, you can use a ‘flirt’ – cheeky, to the point, or ice breaker.

Plans & Prices

A free Redhotpie account option is available, which allows you to organise your profile, send ‘flirts’ to other members, view a limited number of photos, receive messages, and upload a limited amount of your photos.

Premium Redhotpie accounts bring you a lot closer to online dating. You get unlimited access to other users’ profiles, can edit your profile with no restrictions, can chat, and get matches’ phone numbers.

Some of the price deals for Australia include:

  • Premium/ 3 months - $12.50
  • Premium Plus/ 3 months - $17.50
  • Platinum/ 3 months - $25.83
  • Premium Diamond/ 3 months - $250

Redhotpie Dating Site Reviews

Max Floyd, 30 Brisbane, Australia

“Great for meeting 20-something-year-olds with exotic kinks! I’ve been using it for dating for a few years now, and it has always provided results.”

James Murray, 28 Perth, Australia

“The best site for kinky hook-ups in Australia. It’s difficult to find people with the same fetishes as me, but this site really helps with the search.”

Tara Parker, 26 Sydney, Australia

“Really flexible in terms of messaging features. I love Redhotpie for how straightforward it is. I’ve never had any complications with the site whatsoever.”

Experts Conclusion

Redhotpie is a no-nonsense site. Although there are some additional gimmicks, such as the ‘flirt’ feature, it is the perfect site for singles in Australia looking for a straightforward, easy sign-up site, as long as you don’t mind it being integrated with your social media account. Users of this site don’t want to beat around the bush, and they want to get right to it, talk dirty, arrange hook-ups, and get dating as soon as possible. Many users of this site often come back for more, which is a testament to the site’s quality, despite its few drawbacks. It definitely works.

redhotpie logo
3 /5
Can I keep my free trial to Redhotpie?

Yes, absolutely. However, you will have restricted use of the site, as you’ll need a membership to message other users.

How do I get the attention of other Redhotpie users?

You could send them a ‘flirt’ if you fancy. Otherwise, you could just straight up message them!

How many free messages do I get on Redhotpie?

You only get to flirt for free, unfortunately. You’ll need to purchase a premium account in order to message.


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